fredag, februari 27

This is a BOMB! New sthlm guy...!!! BIG UP!!!

If I were a boy (Alex Sayz remix)

onsdag, februari 11

Exclusive music!

Sup? Right now I'm chilling at SAS vip- lounge on Arlanda airport in Stockholm, my flight to Vietnam will departure in a hour. Hope you have it shiznit, beacuse I have! Enjoy this exclusive tracks, they was released on beatport for just some minutes ago. Have a nice further day!
Arnold Palmer - Tripping (Dave Ramone Remix).
Sebastien Leger - The People (Eric Prydz Remix).
Hard Rock Sofa - You are Like (Max Creative & DJ Cross Remix).
Don't forget to support the artists, visit !
Peace, Axel

söndag, februari 1

Cha Cha

By sharing our music taste with each other we hope to brig us all closer to the music we love and closer to the music we don't yet know we can't live without. Yeah, it's true so here comes some nice tracks! Enjoy!
filip le frick - funky nassau (original mix).