söndag, oktober 25

tisdag, oktober 20

Preview of the day 1

Release - January 2010 / Label - Defected Records

Bob Sinclair & Dirty South – Russian March (Preview)

Say Yes (League of Noize Remix)

Projekt1408 Exclusive!

Robbie Rivera - Let Me Sip My Drink (Original Mix)

Electro with rap from - Fast Eddie.. Kind a cool..

Brand New

Robbie Rivera - Let Me Sip My Drink (Original Mix)

onsdag, oktober 14


Do you wan't previews of big tracks before they are released?

If you do, post a comment so we'll know!

like this one!

Rino Cabrera - Best Of Me (Leventina Remix)


Released a minute ago, only @ Projekt1408

Mr. Timothy - Got 2 Get Up (Avicii Remix)

Baggi Begovic, Groovenatics - The Music (Belocca & Soneec Mix)

Exclussiv, first up world wide on Projekt1408!

Baggi Begovic, Groovenatics - The Music (Belocca & Soneec Mix)

Mixed up wednesday!

Junior Mashup



Here is a chance for all producers out there. I am offering ANYBODY to remix my latest release EVEN.

Go to http://www.avicii.com/public/evenopenparts.zip to get the parts.


1. DEADLINE is SUNDAY 18th October 2009 at 19:00! THIS IS FOR FINAL VERSION
2. Contributions are on SPEC and will therefore be included in the remix package only if approved by At Night Management.
3. All contributions to be mailed to info@atnight.se by the deadline set above.
4. No samples or signed material can be used in the remix.
5. The contributor is solely responsible for following the rules and making sure that he has full rights to sign the remix.
6. All remixes that make the final cut and released in the package will receive no less than 300 Euro and full accreditation on all eventual release platforms (Beatport, iTunes, etc).

Have fun guys. Spread the word! One ♥

måndag, oktober 12

Cederic Bootleg

A friend of mine just finished one of his best works so far!