måndag, januari 31

Funkerman - Paperbag Revolution

We posted this before but that was only the preview!
Here is the full version of Paperbag Revolution from the Dutch DJ/Producer Funkerman!
Released today through the newly established label Can You Feel It records!

Download Funkerman - Paperbag Revolution(Original Mix)


And i'm pissed on Fernando Torres!

Moguai & Westbam - Original Hardcore

Moguai is back with yet another banger!
This time he teamed up with the german DJ/Producer Westbam and they have made Original Hardcore!
What do you people think?

Download Moguai & Westbam - Original Hardcore(Moguai Edit)


Release: Hard Rock Sofa & St. Brothers – Blow Up(Incl Remixes)

Hard Rock Sofa & St. Brothers has made a track that is very anticipated and played by alot of big names!
And with remixes by Axwell & Thomas Gold and Hook & Sling and Goodwill this is sure to satisfy alot of people!
So get a copy right now!

Download Hard Rock Sofa & St. Brothers – Blow Up(Original Mix)

Download Hard Rock Sofa & St. Brothers – Blow Up(Axwell & Thomas Gold Remix)

Download Hard Rock Sofa & St. Brothers – Blow Up(Hook&Sling and Goodwill Remix)


söndag, januari 30

Virus J

A nice and groovy remiz from Virus J,
Take it back  brings a groovy bassline lovely vocals and a wonderfull break!


fredag, januari 28

Jay Lumen - Playground

The Hungarian DJ and Producer Jay Lumen has released a new track.
It's called "Playground" and it's in the sub genre Tech-House!
It was released yesterday.

Download Jay Lumen - Playground



Jus Jack - Feel The Love(Remixes)

Swanky Tunes and Sebjak have made their own version of Jus Jack's "Feel The Love"
Swanky Tunes version is the better one i think!

Download Jus Jack - Feel The Love(Swanky Tunes Remix)
Download Jus Jack - Feel The Love(Sebjak Remix)



Kris Menace - Phoenix/Triangle EP

Brilliant stuff from Kris Menace, and once again Size records are smashing out some amazing tunes!

torsdag, januari 27

Preview: Cirez D - Full Stop

Eryc Prydz are via his alias Cirez D releasing a new track called "Full Stop"!
And in true Prydz spirit it's sounds very promising!

Release date TBA!

PREVIEW: Cirez D 'Full Stop' ***Forthcoming on Mouseville Records*** by Eric Prydz Official

Diddy - Dirty Money - I Hate That You Love Me(Chuckie Marquee Remix)

The Man, The Myth and The Legend Chuckie has released a free tune for us to enjoy!
It's a nice remix of Diddy's band Dirty Money and the track is called "I Hate That You Love Me!

Umek & Tomy DeClerque - Original Challenge(Original Mix)

Umek & Tomy Declerque have released a track with some influences from techno!
It's called "Original Challenge" and was released a few days ago!
Get a copy of it and tell is what you think!

Download Umek&Tomy DeClerque - Original Challenge(Original Mix)



Daft Punk Technologic(Sebjak Edit)

Sebjak have made an edit of Daft Punk's classic tune "Technologic" and are giving it away for free of facebook!

Download Daft Punk - Technologic(Sebjak Edit)

and become a fan on facebook!



Thomas Sagstad - Mieri(Sultan & Ned Shepard Remix)

Thomas Sagstad became a well known name last year with some deserved support from some of the biggest name in the business!

He has now released a new song called "Mieri"!
It's remixed by Paul Thomas and Sultan & Ned Shepard.

Download Thomas Sagstad - Mieri(Sultan&Ned Shepard Remix)



onsdag, januari 26

Darwin & Backwall - One Night

Here is the second track of the EP "Teatron" that was released yesterday(25/1).
It's called "One Night" and it's great!

Download Darwin&Backwall - One Night


In My World, Everyone's a PONY!

it's here!
Hungry Pony from this huge swedish duo....

just can't sit still while listening this.....


tisdag, januari 25


everyone, get your best paperbag out of the closed because this is one hell of a track!
amazing bassline and nice build-up....

release date 31st of jan.

Diddy-Dirty Money feat. Skylar Grey - Coming Home (Dirty South Club Mix)

Diddy-Dirty Money feat. Skylar Grey - Coming Home (Dirty South Club Mix)
Melbourne bad boy is at it again! After remixing U2 and more recently N.E.R.D, Dirty South has this time given P Diddy's new track a right working over...

måndag, januari 24

Preview: Kaskade &Tiesto feat Haley - Only You(Ken Loi Remix)

Hope everybody have had an amazing weekend!?

I will now post a preview and i hope you don't hate me too much becuse this sounds freaking awesome!

It's a remix of Kaskade & Tiesto' "Only You" with the beautiful voice of Haley!

BUT i will not make you to angry, so here is a track anyway!

Download The Cube Guys - Baba O' Riley (Arno Cost & Norman Doray Remix)



fredag, januari 21

Rebecca & Fiona - Bullets(Club Edit)

After their smash hit "Luminary Ones" they are back with yet another great track called "Bullets" featuring some awesome guitar chords and vocals!

Download Rebecca & Fiona - Bullets(Club Edit)

And you can watch them in real life as they struggle through life and DJ sets!
It's a serie of 12 episodes and it's a great documentary serie!
OBS! they speak swedish! OBS!

Watch Rebecca & Fiona

And today it's my birthday so i expect alots of congratulations ladies and gents!



torsdag, januari 20

Darwin & Backwall - Teatron EP (Official Preview)

Played by Tiesto in his Clublife 192

Release januari 24

onsdag, januari 19

Release: Afrojack & Bobby Burns - Bridge

Afrojack and Bobby Burns have made a nice club banger called "Bridge".

Download Afrojack & Bobby Burns - Bridge
Link Fixed!


Thomas Gold - AGORa (Albin Myers Muffin' Remix) PREVIEW

Jeremy Olander - Airsteala (Original // Dirty South Remix)

WOW! This track has done the rounds on youtube and various low quality rips, Here's the official previews. Coming out on Dirty South label Phazing Records on Beatport: February 9th

tisdag, januari 18

Mike Posner - Please Don't Go(Hype Jones&Pierce Fulton Remix)

Released a couple of days ago as a free download so enjoy this nice tune!

Download Mike Posner - Please Don't Go(Hype Jones&Pierce Fulton Remix


Big big official previews! Hook N Sling & Goodwill's remix had the message boards & blogs in a flap upon Axwell’s debut airing during his special ‘Axmas’ mix on Pete Tong’s Radio 1 show at the end of last year. Coming out Jan 31st.
And here's a goodie of Fedde Le Grand Ft. Mitch Crown - Let Me Be Real (Hook N Sling vs Goodwill Remix)

Christian Luke - Ivy (Digital LAB Remix)

So much acidy goodness!
Christian Luke - Ivy (Digital LAB Remix)
Download here:
(Link fixed!) 

måndag, januari 17


thank you has been posted somewhere here below,
and now here is also labrynth

it has a bit of an meich feeling to it, 
what do you think?


combining tech with progressive,
his bassline grooving under the lovely piano sound


Hardwell does it again...

beautiful remix by hardwell....

great synth nice vocals.....love it.

Mario Ochoa - Fuckin'

Today the colombia born DJ/Producer Mario Ochoa wich is also the name of a serial rapist but that's not what i wanted to say, i wanted to say that Mario Ochoa (the DJ) released his track "Fuckin'".

Supported by Steve Angello, Roger Sanchez, Thomas Gold and some...

Download Mario Ochoa - Fuckin' now!



Just Links...

You're talking, we're listening...
Ida Corr - What Comes Around Goes Around (Club Mix)
Alex Lamb - It's A Trap (Original Mix)
Adrien Mezsi - Shadows (Original Mix)
Adrien Mezsi - 1987 (Original Mix)
Haley - Physical (Hardwell Remix)

eSQUIRE freebies

eSQUIRE vs Eric Prydz - DO You Know Nitron (eSQUIRE Bootleg)
Basto vs eSQUIRE - Gregory's Not Over Now (eSQUIRE Bootleg)

Hard Rock Sofa Vs. Dirty South - Let It Go (Hard Rock Sofa Bootleg Mix)

At first seeing another track using the Let It Go vocals didn't exactly inpire me, but wait right there, becasue this is one hell of a remix!
Download via Soundcloud:

söndag, januari 16

Release: Swanky Tunes & Hard Rock Sofa - Thank You

"Thank You" made by the Russian DJ's/Producers Swanky Tunes and Hard Rock Sofa
have made a nice track with some great piano chords!
It was released one day earlier then expected.

I will post "Labyrinth" as soon as i get it!

Download Swanky Tunes & Hard Rock Sofa - Thank You


These Melbourne based boys have chalked up another screamer of a tune! The vocal is stunning...
Feenixpawl - Seasons (Original) teaser by Feenixpawl

lördag, januari 15

Preview: Diddy - Comin Home (DirtySouth Remix)

Dirty South have remixed Diddy's track called "Coming Home" and it's sounds in my ears very promising!
The vocals by Skylar Grey are very nice indeed!


What do you think?

Preview: Tiesto&Hardwell - Zero 76

Here's a preview from the legendary Tiesto and the very talented Hardwell!
The track is called "Zero 76" and it's sounds BIG!

Release TBA.

Preview: Daft Punk - Too Long (French Government Be Awesome Edit)

A Cool video presenting French Government's new remix of Daft Punk's "Too Long"

fredag, januari 14

Preview: Nadia Ali & Starkillers & Alex Kenji - Pressure

Release date: 15/2

G.reg Bootlegs [Exclusive Free Downloads]

Exclusive Downloads for Projekt1408!
Putting some vocal sexiness to Matisse & Sadko's 'Hi Scandinavia', along with an amazing blend of the Beastie Boys and Faithless' epic Insomnia' with a base track from Denzal Park's new on '2 Drops'. Give some love on G.reg's facebook and soundcloud
Download via soundcloud:

Kris Menace - Phoenix/Triangle

Kris Menace is a master! This next ep has the synth sounds most producers cant match and will be rocking the dancefloor ver soon! Kris Menace 'Phoenix/ Triangle' Released on SIZE Jan 26th

torsdag, januari 13

Preview: John Dahlbäck - Pour Te

Our Swedish DJ/Producer John Dahlbäck shared a preview called "Pour Te".
Release is in february along with another tune called "Winter".
Stay Tuned!

John Dahlback - Pour Te Preview by Mutants Records

John Dahlback - Winter by Mutants Records

Wich one sounds best?


Swanky Tunes & Hard Rock Sofa - Thank You/Labrynth (Previews)

The groove of the piano in 'Thank You' really is simplistic awesomeness at it best! Defintely a great start for 2011 for Swanky Tunes & Hard Rock Sofa. This EP out on Jan 17th!!
Swanky Tunes & Hard Rock Sofa - Thank You (Original Mix)
Swanky Tunes & Hard Rock Sofa - Labrynth (Original Mix)

Open Your Eyes - Alex Metric vs Steve Angello (Teaser)

A collab we've been waiting for for along time will be dropped sometime this month! From the teaser, i'm not sure i'm all that excited now tbh...

onsdag, januari 12

Release: Dave Spoon & Tv Rock - FIVEg

Steve Angello’s label Size are releasing their first singel of 2011.
It's the veteran Dave Spoon and the Austrialian duo Tv Rock that's first up with their "FIVEg".

Download: Dave Spoon & Tv Rock - FIVEg(Original Mix)



tisdag, januari 11

Release: Flo Rida feat Akon - Who Dat Girl(Remixes)

Today the remixes of "Who Dat Girl" by Flo Rida & Akon got released!
And they are anticipated.

And tell us wich one you like best!
My favourit is Deniz Koyu's version of it.

Download: Flo Rida feat Akon - Who Dat Girl(Deniz Koyu Remix)
Download: Flo Rida feat Akon - Who Dat Girl(Hardwell Club Mix)
Download: Flo Rida feat Akon - Who Dat Girl(Promise Land Remix)



News from French Government!

French Government posted a video with their latest creation!
It's called "Tech Avantage".

Release: Bingo Players - Get On The Move(Incl Remix)


Today Alex Kenji released his remix of "Bingo Players - Get on the Move" that has been out for a while now.
Download: Bingo Players - Get on the Move(Original Mix)
Download: Bingo Players - Get on the Move(Alex Kenji Remix)


måndag, januari 10


I'm sorry,  it has been a while since i posted something.
i've been sick but now i'm back on track.......
so i'll be posting a lot this week.

first up this banger from Kaskade called Raining

enjoy, and to all a Happy New Year.

Release: Dany Coast feat. Christina Skaar – Swede Harmony(incl remixes)

"Swede Harmony" by Dany Coast with some amazing vocals by Christina Skaar was released for a few months ago.
But now there is some nice remixes available of the track that got released today.
I like the Bill Carling version of it!

Which one is your favourit?

Download: Dany Coast feat. Christina Skaar – Swede Harmony(Original Mix)

Download: Dany Coast feat. Christina Skaar – Swede Harmony(Alexander Cabrera & Eddy Cabrera Remix)

Download: Dany Coast feat. Christina Skaar – Swede Harmony(Axel Bauer & Lanford Remix)

Download: Dany Coast feat. Christina Skaar – Swede Harmony(Dub Mix)

Download: Dany Coast feat. Christina Skaar – Swede Harmony(Bill Carling Remix)

Download: Dany Coast feat. Christina Skaar – Swede Harmony (Svenstrup & Vendelboe remix)



söndag, januari 9

Preview: Gregori Klosman - Jaws

Gregori Klosman is soon releasing this one that will be on the Dirty Dutch Digital vol. 03 album.

Spirit Catcher

David Tort has made an cool remix of Spirit Catcher's song called "No Way Out"!
Out soon!

Spirit Catcher "No Way Out" David Tort Remix (Preview) by David Tort

lördag, januari 8

Kelis - Brave (Third Party Remix)

With their breakout tune 'Release' on Size Records, here is another banger from Third Party!

fredag, januari 7

Preview: Dave Spoon & TV Rock - FIVEg

New track from Steve Angello's record called Size Records.
It's from Dave Spoon and TV Rock.
The track is called "FIVEg" and release date is set to be 12th January.
Listen to a preview on the Soundcloud player below!

Dave Spoon & TV Rock - FIVEg by sizerecords

Preview: Swanky Tunes - Oh Yeah

Release date is February 1st!

torsdag, januari 6

Chris Lake - Release [2010 Re-Rub]

Funky Fat Tune! There is a lot a freebies doin the rounds and this one is great!
Chris Lake - Release [2010 Re-Rub] by chrislake

onsdag, januari 5

Release: Albin Myers - Wobble

A new great track from Albin Myers has arrived!
It's called "Wobble" and got released today.

Download Albin Myers - Wobble

Stresura Mazza

Today Chuckie & Gregori Klosman posted a preview on soundcloud.
It's a remix of Dawn Tallman - Stresura Mazza.
Chuckie worked with Gregori Klosman again and they have had some amazing releases, and this one is sure not to disapoint!

Listen to the preview below!

Dawn Tallman - Stresura Mazza (Chuckie & Gregori Klosman Dub Mix) w/ Together (Acapella) by Gregori Klosman

tisdag, januari 4

Release: Afrojack VS Tocadisco - Tequila Sunrise

Afrojack and Tocadisco released a new smasher today!
It's different from what Afrojack are used to do.
What do you think of it?

Download Afrojack VS Tocadisco - Tequila Sunrise

Preview: Who Dat Girl(Hardwell Remix)

Release 11/1 along with more remixes.

Best Of 2010 Podcast!

Mammoth 2 hour Best of 2010 Podcast thanks to Morgan Page!
Both Mixes downloadable on soundcloud:
Morgan Page Podcast - Episode 30 - Best of 2010 Part 1
Morgan Page Podcast - Episode 31 - Best of 2010 Part 2
 - Part 1 -
1. Wolfgang Gartner - "Space Junk" [Ultra]
2. Axwell - "Nothing But Love" (Axwell vs. Daddy's Groove Remix) [Axtone]
3. Avicii & Sebastian Drums - "My Feelings For You" [Vicious]
4. Steve Angello - "KNAS" [Size]
5. Adrian Lux - "Teenage Crime" (Axwell & Henrik B Remix) [Axtone]
6. Morgan Page - "I've Had Friends" (Jean Elan Remix) [Nettwerk]
7. Nadia Ali - "Rapture" (Avicii Remix) [Smile In Bed]
8. Afrojack feat. Eva Simons - "Take Over Control" [Wall Recordings]
9. Thomas Gold - "AGORa" [Size]
10. Nalin & Kane - "Beachball" (Chris Lake Remix) [Kontor]
11. Wolfgang Gartner & Mark Knight - "Conscindo" [Toolroom]
12. Kaskade & Adam K - "Raining" [Ultra]

- Part 2 -
1. Kaskade & Adam K - "Raining" [Ultra]
2. Swedish House Mafia - "Miami 2 Ibiza" [Virgin]
3. Swedish House Mafia - "One" [Virgin]
4. Kaskade - "Dynasty" (Dadalife Remix) [Ultra]
5. Kaskade - "Fire In Your New Shoes" (Sultan & Shepard Remix) [Ultra]
6. Adam K - "Complicated" [Hotbox Digital]
7. Red Carpet feat. Hardwell - "It's Alright 2010" [Revealed]
8. Florence & The Machine - "Cosmic Love" (Morgan Page Bootleg Remix) [White]
9. Sander Van Doorn - "Intro" (XX Booty Mix) [Doorn/Spinnin]
10. Spencer & Hill - "Sunbeam" [Tiger Records]
11. Deadmau5 - "Everything Before" [Mau5trap]
12. Gold/Sausa/Tort - "Areena" (Dirty South Remix) [Phazing]
13. Pendulum - "The Island" (Angello, AN21 & Vangelli Remix) [Size/OMT]