måndag, maj 25


Download them all! Really good shit today fellas! Glad to share this track with you specially David Guetta, Sebastian Ingrosso, Dirty South and the legendary Julie Mc Knight new track - How Soon Is now. Watch out People ! It's a rip but it's gonna be huge.

Avicii - One Step Forward
This is dope!

Annagrace - Let The Feelings Go (Peter Luts Remix).
Just let the feelings go!! Cheesy house with some sweet vocals.

Mario Lopez - Another World (Chris Decay Remix)
Another world, another great track! Not really my type of music anyway, but you will maybe like it. Nothing special, it has the normal female vocal and the hard bass line.

David Guetta, Sebastian Ingrosso, Dirty South and Julie Mc Knight - How Soon Is Now (Original Mix).

Now we talking! Sample of the upcoming house release by David Guetta, Sebastian Ingrosso and Dirty South featuring vocals by Julie McKnight. The RIP hasn't the best quality, but still brilliant to listen to. More details on the track will be posted as soon as they surface.

Dave Kurtis - Last Night In Miami (Dave Kurtis Remix).

A strange bassline with a touch of latino!

Teo Moss - Feel Good (Tristan Garner Remix).

Banger! Feel good, so good! Pretty chill in the begining but turns over and in the ending it's really bangin'!

I will end this update with a smooth summer track. "We are the people", listen careful to the sweet breakdowns! Eargasm!!

We are the people (jimmy2sox remix).
/ Ax

tisdag, maj 12


Hot hot hot! Good shit fellas! Enjoy this bangin' hot tracks.
The best remix I've heard on Stereo Palmas new track "Miami Bitch". It's a HQ RIP but it's really cool! Check it out!
Yeah, I'm going to drop some really fresh tracks from the swedish producer Albin myers! I hope you will support him beacuse he is worth it.
Albin Myers - Boom (Original Mix).

Albin Myers - I Amsterdam (Original Mix).
Reloud Vs. The Funktuary - Ignited (Albin Myers Remix).
*thanks to swehouse for this one!*
Ohh yeah some latino! I really like this track, so fuckin' awesome! Latinohouse is so sweet! If you have some cool latinohouse tracks you want to share just drop them in the comments!