måndag, mars 14

Doing the Dada in LA

Hey guys! I have been gone for a long time now. Moved from Stockholm to Los Angeles to study, so I have been busy lately but I have more time now so hopefully everything can go back to normal.

Swedish quality + Crazy American diva = Success?

By the way, what do you guys think of SHM's new single?

Of course it's gonna be on the charts but is it really this style of house we can expect from these three gentlemen in the future? In my opinion it's too commercial...Coldplay meets Guetta? I'm not going to rule this track out before I listen to the 320 but from what I can hear in this clip it's too much radio over it. I don't mean that it is a bad tune, it's of course a world class production but they should have an own and unique style as they had with LTWB, One and Miami to Ibiza.
What do you guys think?

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marr sa...

First off, kick ass blog by the way!!! I used to follow your Swehouse blog and that was bad ass. I have been getting my tracks from here for years and I just wanted to say thanks! Love the tracks you post, totally my style!

In regards to SHM single, not exactly their best work but still its not to bad. It needs to have a bit more kick, its missing something.


Jones sa...

Theres a bit better audio quality of SHM's new one in this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_Qr67iheFg

Jose G sa...

I'd have to agree on this here.. too commercial. It's obviously for radio, let's wait and see what interesting remixes come up.

Jeppelepsi sa...

First off, it doesn't sound anything like chris martin or a coldplay song. Maybe Miike Snows way of singing combined with the voice of enrique iglesias. However, I think the song is great and sure, It's a bit commercial but still a great production of theirs as always. Looking forward to the release! And Rooney, where in LA are you studying? I'm heading over there in may!

Pontus sa...

Why are you even surprised? Isn't it pretty clear that SHM have been going the commerical path for the last year? Don't get me wrong, I loved the original mix of One, but when they put Pharrell on it, they made it clear which way they were heading.

This looks like a festival/big room tune, which suits them perfect as that's where they're playing all the time. A tight club track is not what they are looking for; that would not work on the big festivals.

Anonym sa...

Haha guys please!! "tell me why", "sweet dreams" and so on.. what do you call that? Underground?? :D :D Axwells tracks sounds like this quite often. "It's true" for an example.

These guys are all about the mainstream radio stuff. Thats why we like them.