tisdag, november 30

Three wished-for releases

The king of unreleased tracks

Three brilliant songs that have been out there for a while but not yet released. I'm starting to get really impatient and almost irritated.
The first song I'm thinking about is Dukes of Sluca vs. Apollo - Mighty Love (Eric Prydz Re-Edit).
Well the fact that the king of unreleased material holds this monster back is not a shocker but wow Eric can't you just release this lovely creature from it's cage? Eric said a while ago that it WILL be released (thank god) spring 2011. I can imagine he just love the build up to a release.

The second track is Laidback Luke ft Steve Aoki & Lil Jon - Turbulence. This collaboration between these three crazy musicians is a banger that will smash the dance floor like a nuclear. Japan is lucky the Americans didn't drop this on Hiroshima. Release date is not yet set.

The last one is of course Axwells - Centre of the Universe with beautiful vocals from Magnus Carlsson. Worldclass production as usual from Axwell. This was played already late ´09 but Axwell is not gonna released it yet. Who knows when....

What release are you longing for? /Leo Rooney


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