tisdag, november 16

We want YOU!

Hello this is Alex and Filip speaking. As you may have noticed we brought in some new guys to run the blog. Unfortunately it did not work out too well.

We are now searching for some hungry souls that can run this blog on a daily basis. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us at: raptox87@hotmail.com / pro_sound@hotmail.com.

Best regards,
Alex & Filip

4 kommentarer:

Danii sa...

Skulle lätt ställt upp dock har man egen sida på FB att hålla reda på samt jobb/dj'ande haha mycket nu!

Håll liv i bloggen för den rockar!


Anonym sa...

varför funkade det inte bra? Det har ju varit grym fart på bloggen under senaste tiden...

Anonym sa...

I think you have to high commands for this mission. You had 2 good guys that posted alot of good stuff. And you kicked them? If you want better people then those 2, dont you think they can start their own blogg and earn money?

Alex R sa...

Kvantité? Ja visst. Kvalité? Nej!

Not in our opinion. Unfortunately the quality was very poor and I certainly think they can start an own blog but definetely not earn money on it.