torsdag, december 2

Hi There + Marco V & More....

Hi There,

My name is Robbin also known under the name I.N.D.O.
And I will be posting here on a regular basis from now on.
You can expect new hot (upcomming) tracks.
I will keep you up to date on the scene, the huge party's etc.

But first I just found this Huge Banger from Marco V!

Some amazing bootlegs just past my ears:

(Oron link now, zippyshare soon added)

(Oron link now, zippyshare soon added)

I hope to be seeing you all al lot more here on Projekt 1408.

Grtz.  I.N.D.O

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Anonym sa...

Sweet man!


Anonym sa...

stop upload on oron.

Anonym sa...

bra fart på bloggen nu för tiden, kul att se!