måndag, december 6

Preview: Basto! - Gregory's Theme

A preview of Basto!'s new upcoming singel called "Gregory's Theme"
that Pete Tong played on his Essential Countdown radio show 3/12!
This was the show where he played Eric Pryds upcoming tunes.

Listen to the show here.

I think it sounds promising!
What do u think?

5 kommentarer:

Rolle sa...

Nice to see this blog active again! Too bad there's no comments on the posts to keep you guys motivated but guess you still get alot of visitors, keep the good work up!

Anonym sa...

Sounds awesome!

Anonym sa...

If I never had heard Bromance, this song would have been awesome. But sadely it is just to similar in my book. I like the song, but it just feels like a copy.

Love from Norway.

Leorooney sa...

Tänkte posta den här precis nån timme efter du gjorde det :) Great minds think alike. Svintung låt....

Fredde sa...

Nice to finally see some comments!:)
Keep'em coming ladies and gents!:)